finboy's inferno - chapter 2

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Chapter 1

June 23, 2005 

The tale of Death begins, as one might guess,

with visions of unspeakable distaste.              

But what for us do these vile scenes address?

It’s word of E-Ho we require in haste.         


But wait, the answer’s there, at least the start,

the error’s found that then we couldn’t see.    

The role of the abducted switched in part –    

a sad mistake in his identity.                          



That one so good endures a fate unearned,     

from Death could not a sadder tale bequeath. 

So now does innocence become returned?     

And how does E-Ho leave this world beneath?


It’s said that one cannot go home again 

and in the Underworld this too is true.   

But rules are willows in a windy glen     

and bend as sure as supple branches do.


But while the branches bend, they do not break

and what can seem as day can still be night.     


But hope is there for those of us to take

(or fear) should opportunity invite.